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求张民伦主编的《listEn this wAy》1第二版的Unit1...

选择题 1.I like the shoes. Can I ? A.try it on B.try them on C.try on them 答案:B 2.—What is it? —It’s a quarter seven.(6:45) A.time, past B.time, to C.color, to 答案: 翻译B 1.我午饭经常吃牛肉。 答案:I often eat beef... 文库里有答案~

OK ,what is your first name? Susan. Susan?And what is your姓的意思),Susan? Thomas.. T-H-O-M-A-S.Are you a Miss or a Mrs? I'm a single. Miss.Thank you.What is your address,Susan? Thirteen Bruce Road. What is your tele...

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