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FinD onE's sElF对吗?还是FinD onEsElF


by oneself 和 on one's own 的意思相同,都是“ 独自, 单独” 的意思 一般可以互换且放在句末,只是by oneself 中的oneself 是反身代词,on one's own 中的 one's 是用形容词性物主代词。 如 1 He can finish the work by himself . = He can fi...

1、by oneself (用作副词) (1) 独自一人(= alone),例如: She used to sit by herself and read. 她从前常常独自坐着看书. (2) 独立地,单独地,自动地,如: He finished it by himself. 他独立完成那件事. 2、on one's own:独自地,主动地,靠自...

be in one’s shoes 或者put oneself in one’s shoes 这个习语表示“处于某人的境地或处境来设想”,比如,I wouldn’t like to be in your shoes if they find out what you’re doing. 如果他们发现了你在干什么,我可不愿设想你得有多倒霉。我们大...

相当于中文的 换位思考


by oneself 独自地,单独 by oneself 单独地,独自地; 单独; 独自,自行; 亲自; Second, sets up the training organized group by oneself. 二是由自己来组建教练班子。 I can do it by myself ,我自己能做. on oneself 不存在.. for oneself fo...

by oneself on ones own 都是独自,自己做的意思

答案是A one should keep one's own promise. 人该守承诺。

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