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FinD onE's sElF对吗?还是FinD onEsElF

Find oneself back 翻译: 找回自我

不对,find后不可以加动词原形 常见的说法是find oneself doing sth

find oneself doing sth find oneself done find oneself in发现自己

find oneself[英][faind wʌnˈself][美][faɪnd wʌnˈsɛlf] 实现自我; 例句: 1. Shaw advised participation, to skip the references and look to find oneself reflected.

你好: find oneself doing :意思是发现某人正在做某事他是表示现在进行的状态 find oneself done : 意思是发现某人已经完成了某个动作 他是表示已经完成的状态 根据语境和具体的语义来区别就是了

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